Flour Power! 7 Essential Recipes for Home Baking

October 10, 2016


Now that the days are turning cold, there is nothing more rewarding than fresh baked bread warm from the oven.

Making your own baked goods is immensely satisfying. It does not require a lot of ingredients for a big reward and is it’s cheaper than what you buy at the store. A recent request for a recipe prompted this post. I thought it would be easier to have all the recipes I use in one place to give to friends (and a bonus for me because now I won’t have to search Pinterest to find all my favorites).

These recipes aren’t in a particular order, but they are my go-to recipes for all homemade bread products in my home.

French Bread. Every baker should know how to make French bread and it only requires four ingredients (flour, yeast, water and salt) to make an fantastic  loaf. Brandy at the Prudent Homemaker has a terrific recipe and tutorial.

Amish White Bread. I use recipe this for sandwiches. It has a slightly sweeter flavor and a delicate crumb making it excellent for slicing. If I’m really ambitious, I bake my sandwich bread in a Pullman loaf pan

Tortillas.I’m embarrassed to admit it took me so long to try tortillas. They are overly expensive in the store, and I find them doughy. I learned while living in Texas that they were quite simple for the home baker and worth it. I store them in a plastic bag in the fridge and heat them for fifteen seconds in the microwave before use. It makes them more pliable. This recipe contains lard. I added a vegetarian/vegan version in case you prefer to not use animal products.

Biscuits. Who doesn’t love biscuits? However, I hate rolling them out and cutting them. This simple (all in one pan) recipe has revolutionized my biscuit making. These aren’t for the hardcore dieter, but they are amazing.

Crescent Rolls. I love these for holiday dinners, and they last seconds on my table. Yes, you can purchase them in the tubes in the grocery store, but some of those commercial ingredients put me off. They are a bit time consuming but so worth it to know what is in your rolls.

Parker House Rolls. An alternative roll recipe. If you don’t feel like rolling out crescents. They are equally delicious and satisfying. Bring them to your next potluck, and they will be the first empty platter on the table.

Challah. A traditional challah recipe from Joan Nathan, a doyenne of Jewish Cuisine. Challah is not just for Jewish holidays but makes a terrific base for French toast, bread puddings, etc…I’m enamored of a North Jersey bakery called Zadie’s but I’m not willing to schlep there (or pay $6.00 per loaf)!  To make your challah look professional, try this braiding tutorial.

And finally a seasonal favorite….

Pumpkin bread. I must admit this is my absolute favorite pumpkin bread and I enjoy it every Fall. I used to work for a certain Colonel who bought this every day at the hospital Starbucks coffee shop. Here’s the same recipe at much lower price.

Is there a bread category I’ve omitted? Is there something you would like me to add to the list? I’m open for suggestions.

Happy Baking!


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