Sewing Conundrum Follow Up

March 6, 2017

I’d like to thank everyone for their very generous assistance. I got the dresses done by the last day of Dr. Seuss week (by a hair). My lovely friend, Kathy, has two machines and we were able to knock out the second dress, (complete with lined bodice and sleeves) in 4 hours!

Here are the results:


I made them a size up so we can wear them next year for Dr. Seuss week (again). I have enough fabric left over (if I’m conservative in my cutting) for two ties for the brothers. I really do appreciate all the help received.

Now on to finish leggings for St. Patrick’s day and make a leprechaun trap (thank you teachers, sarcasm intended) for the St. Patrick’s day activities at preschool.

Next week, I’ll be back with a hot cross bun recipe for all of us observing Lent.


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Oh, how nice they turned out and your daughters looked cute and happy.

A leprechaun trap??

Rob and Becky

They came out SO cute, but of course, the girls in them make them even cuter! I’m gad they worked for you.

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