Peach Hand Pies

September 3, 2017

Once in a while, you have a thrift store find that is exceptional.

I found this Sunbeam mini pie maker for five dollars at my local thrift store. It was unopened and in the original packaging. However, when the clerk took it out of the packaging to check it, we discovered it was damaged (some of the plastic on edge had broken off). She immediately marked it down to two dollars!

I’d been secretly in love with this item for a while. I belong to an international group for kids’ packed lunches, and the Australian members rave about their mini pie makers. I had priced them on Amazon, and at forty dollars I just couldn’t justify it.

I’m in love. The price was more than right.

However, the instructions don’t include any recipes. I had some peaches from Scholl Orchards that were in need of use, so I made peach mini pies. The recipe I used made a dozen mini pies. We ate six, and I froze six for later lunch consumption.

peach oies

I used this recipe. I really like it as it drains the juices from the pie and then thickens it with cornstarch and butter so you don’t get a runny pie. I think this is especially important when using the mini pie maker. Also the mini pie maker only suggests a cooking time of ten minutes but I found the pies needed at least twelve minutes.

For the crust, I just made a traditional dough with half butter, half shortening. However, I was wondering how hard it would be to make up enough crust in advance so I wouldn’t have to keep making dough every time I wanted to use the mini pie maker.

I found this blog post on bulk pie dough that I plan to try…I love the idea of making enough for many pies and freezing it in just one cooking session. If it is quick and cheap, it’s for me.

I’m planning some savory pies for fall lunches…

Australian beef pie

chicken satay pie

Moravian chicken pie

I’m open to suggestions.

Things have been crazy busy here. The kids started back to school last week, and both my daughters came down with illnesses that required multiple doctor visits. I have a wedding next weekend that I decided (probably unwisely) to make my dress. It’s cut out, but I need to finish it by Friday. I’m the chair of my high school reunion (30 years) mid month, AND I’m the lead for our “back to Sunday School” breakfast and events at church. It will be a busy month!


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Everyone I know uses the pie crust recipe out oh the BALL BLUE BOOK. its pretty similar to hers. Looks like she just took that recipe and quadrupled it. I don’t find mixing crusts an ordeal though as she seems to think. I make 5 at a time times two. The point about an excellent crust not just a good one is in the less handling the better. Once I pour the liquid into the shortening / flour mix it takes seconds to disperse and pat into five balls. In the giant size mix they are surely overworked. It would… Read more »
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