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Celebrating Our Dear Friends’ Wedding!

October 3, 2017

This will be a very photo heavy post but in light of all the recent sadness in the world, I wanted to focus on something happy.  Photographs by Catrina Carlson

Our dear friends were married and we were honored to be part of the festivities. I have known both the bride and the groom since high school. We were asked to help a bit with the ceremony. My husband, Kurk was the emcee. I had a variety of positions to include tartan square seamstress, usher supervisor and trolley communicator… Here is our nervous pre-wedding photo

gab and Kurk2

The overall theme of the wedding was a celebration of Bethlehem, the bride and groom’s hometown. The ceremony, which took place on Payrow Plaza, overlooking South Bethlehem, was written by the couple as a self-uniting marriage ceremony, where the bride and groom first spoke to each other from the heart. They were assisted in making their marriage vows by dear friends and family. Pennsylvania (as part of our Quaker tradition) recognizes self uniting unions, although a marriage license is required. Sometimes this is actually referred to as a “Quaker” wedding.vows

The groom wore the tartan of the City of Bethlehem, in a nod to his and his bride’s Irish heritage and the bride wore a rosette made of the same tartan, fastened with a brooch selected to honor her late mother. 21039726_10213969449176237_866518448_n



the beautiful bride



the handsome groom

After the ceremony, guests were transported to the reception site by trolley


Celtic-flavored celebration continued at the reception with the Celtic Rebel band that played for the cocktail hour. The gentlemen are demonstrating their prowess during the unicorn song.unicorn

The reception took place in the courtyard of the 1758 Sun Inn, which was built by Bethlehem’s Moravian settlers. ..


See those tartan squares in action!


Guests received pressed-glass Bethlehem star ornaments handmade by the bride and groom at the Banana Factoryornaments


Congratulations to Renée and Earl!

Thank you again for allowing us to be part of your very special day!


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À beautiful wedding!!


Oh how nice. I pray they have many many happy years ahead of them. The picture of the bride coming down the stairway is just the sweetest.

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