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Updates-While We Catch Our Breath

November 15, 2017

This has been a dizzying Fall season and this blog has suffered as a result.

Let’s start with some awesome things:

We received a new piano! It was free to us and we paid to have it moved. It has a broken leg (not weight bearing) that can be fixed (my brother is a professional fine arts cabinet maker-just the man for the job). Check out his work over at Campbell and Strasser.


It needs to acclimate for about three weeks and then it can be tuned. It makes a nice edition to our living room. We are so grateful for it!

My son is making terrific progress in his Orton Gillingham tutoring and visual therapy. It is a demanding and daunting schedule and leaves us all a bit winded but the changes have been worth it. One of the most significant modifications we’ve made is to rearrange his schedule so the appointments all occur before school (instead of the evenings when we are all wiped out). He gets to school late three days per week but only by 15-20 minutes. It works well because he works hardest first thing in the morning. C is now starting to offer to read out loud in class! His decoding is improving tremendously. We received his new C-Pen and since I’ve had many questions about it, here is a photo of it in use.cpen

The scanner (pen) reads the words out loud at a conversational tone. He likes it for books or when his eyes are tired. At school, he uses it when he can’t read the words for directions. The goal is to eventually read 100 percent independently but this helps him keep up with the pace in the classroom. It is not disruptive and his teacher thinks it is awesome. He also uses it to read on the way home on the bus.

We had probably one of the worst class photos ever taken this week… so for fun, I turned it into a meme…


It strikes me as an caffeine overdose!

Because, through it all, you have to keep your sense of humor!

We had a fun Halloween and great time trick or treating. Our cub scout pack raised almost $200.00 selling hot dogs and snacks at the local Halloween parade

hot dogsscouts

We went to a pumpkin patch


and finally to a Halloween Party (adults only). Hopefully our costumes are recognizable


Happy Fall!

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I don’t know the costume. All I can think of is your husband is dressed just like the captain in the movie THE GHOST AND MRS MUIR. I am not sure of yours. You will have to tell me what you two are supposed to be.

Rob and Becky

You’ve been so busy!! It looks like you are getting some very important things accomplished, though, along with some fun. A nice mix:)


A mermaid, I can see it now on my larger computer screen. I can see the pattern in the skirt and the shawl looks like a fishnet. Very imaginative.

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