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August 14, 2017

I finally had success with carrots!

I’ve never been able to grow them before and this year we are overflowing. Sadly, I think the children were overzealous when planting them and they are very small. In all fairness, the carrot seeds are very tiny and even though the children tried to space them appropriately it didn’t work.

I used the nantes carrots from Burpee for the garden this year. I think they are better suited for carrot tapes as a way of ensuring your seeds are evenly placed. Sadly, the Burpee tapes had very poor reviews and are pricey. I decided to make my own.

I followed this tutorial. This was a great project for children. I used squeeze bottles for distributing out the cornstarch glue. For the tape, you can use either paper towels, paper napkins or toilet paper. We tried one of each and also added another medium, newspaper. I thought the newspaper was the easiest to work with as it was stiffer and had more body. We planted last weekend and now we will wait for our Fall harvest.

Have you ever used seed tapes on tiny seeds? How were your results?



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Enjoy your carrots! Your little harvesters look very happy.

Yes, my oldest girl likes seed tape. She has us make them over the winter. We grow a lot of carrots because we use a lot. They’re like onions where they can turn up in so many dishes. I guess I had carrots three ways today…sticks in my lunch and shredded in coleslaw at dinner.

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